What’s in a logo? Creating a new identity for Pepper Street Foundation

Award-winning London based Ellis Design Studio created the logo for Pepper Street Foundation. We think they captured the essence of the charity to perfection!

Pepper Street London locationThe logo’s coloured intersecting ‘pathways’ echo the urban landscape surrounding London’s ‘Pepper Street’ in the Isle of Dogs, the location for our first ‘Teatime Tutorials’ project and inspiration for the charity’s name. They’re suggestive of movement, travel, change and dynamism which reflect the social progression aspirations of the Foundation. They also evoke a ‘crossroad’ of ideas and cultures and of community and enterprise which fits well with our aim to bring people together to collaborate on innovative projects.

As for the detail, we love how the rounded ‘Tabarra’ typeface gives a warm and friendly feel to the charity whilst looking crisp and professional.

We also liked the saffron yellow used in the logo so much that we carried it through as a key colour in the website design. Yellow is reputedly the colour of happiness and optimism and of enlightenment and creativity, all great associations for Pepper Street Foundation, don’t you think?

Who knew there could be so much in a logo!

Finella, marketing advisor

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Finella Devitt

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